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​​S.P.A. Exclusive

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Owner of Spa Exclusive and vet in the cosmetology and massage industry. Offering therapeutic and deep tissue massages to aid in restoring range of motion and pain relief. Each massage is a customized session each visit and includes my handmade aromatherapy oils, cupping, hot/cold therapy, infrared sauna, and an intuitive sense of touch. I also do everything listed on the service menu.

Be advised that a deposit is now required to secure your appointment request. Once the deposit is received then your request will be approved. All appointments are to made by you through the above link and you must have a facebook login. Any times that do not show up indicates unavailability. Availability will be indicated by showing time slots under open dates. There will be a note section for you to inform me of any additional info. If you are receiving an error message, have a special request such as couple or group services, use messenger or email to contact me. Reschedules and cancelations can be made through your already approved appointment in your confirmation link. Masks are required until further notice.