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​​S.P.A. Exclusive​

Spa Therapy Services


What We Do

We​ are a day spa that offers therapeutic spa treatments in a personable manner & safe serene atmosphere. We are by appointment only which allows your experience to be your own. We provide service with the  intention to relax, repair, & reset. You are free to communicate with your technician to make adjustments as needed in order for your experience to be the best possible. 

Prices & *Fees Information

*There is a booking fee due upon booking an appointment...fee may vary according to service total.

For couples or groups contact us.


Infrared Sauna

Radiant heat that deeply penetrates for an intense sweat.

30 min $50

Meditation Massage

Light Pressure with guided meditation 

45 min $85

Hot Stone Massage                                            60 min $125

Light-Medium Pressure with warm stones to add a deeper relaxation.


Medium-Deep Pressure to restore range of motion.

60 min $85

90 min $125

Deep Tissue

For relief at the structural level this includes Cupping and Infrared Sauna

60 min $125


Exclusive Facial

Custom facial with steam, hot towel, and mask.

45 min $85

Back Detox

Deep cleanse with steam, hot towel, and mask.

45 min $85

Walnut Coffee Full Body Scrub

Add Mud Wrap

60 min $100

90 min $150

Ear Candling                                                          60 min $40

Alternative technique to remove wax bacteria and yeast from the ear.


Hydration Therapy

Steam aids in hair retention, moisture and detoxes the scalp. Finishing options are air dry or blow dry.

60 min $45


This is an add-on service only.

15 min $10


Brow Wax

Henna Tint (optional)

15 min $15

45 min $30

Lip or Chin Wax

Hard Wax

15 min $12

Underarm Wax

Hard Wax

15 min $20

Arm Wax                                                                  30 min $30

Double for full arm

Leg Wax                                                                   60 min $45

Double for full leg

Brazilian Wax                                                            60 min $85

Hard Wax


IBX Nail Repair 2wk Treatment                     30 min $10 add-on

This feeds the nail penetrating it to strengthen and repair server damage


No Soak

30 min $20

Dry Polish Manicure

Polish strips from Colorstreet

30 min $20

plus cost of strips

Gel Manicure

Acrylic removal not offered

45 min $40

Gel Overlay or Cover Nail                                        2 hour $60

Thick viscosity gel used to create a firm foundation on weak nails.

Gel cover nail for added length.



Includes scrub and callous removal.

30 min $45

Steam Pedicure

Soothing steam relieves tension in legs and feet.

45 min $60

Polish Strips

Polish strips from Colorstreet


cost of strips

Gel Pedicure                                                           60 min $65

Acrylic not offered

What our customers are saying

LaTesha is absolutely amazing! She is a total professional and her work is impeccable. I love the atmosphere of her spa and the service was superb. Even her communication is stellar. I will most certainly be back for other services. She deserves your business.